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USB Audio Interface included to connect directly to a computer. From memory, I think it’s rack, but I’ve never used as such Firewire is abandoned as the laptops, I went to the table and usb takes roughly the same characteristics. But it is well worth price. Everything is easily accessible. There are also built-in FX that are pretty ok

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Behringer XENYX FX – analog mixer – channel Overview – CNET

If used sparingly, they are more than adequate All full sized faders, etc Ie it is impossible to record beyond the 2 tracks. But it is well worth price.

This thing is everything you would hope and more – it’s worth more than the asking price in my opinion If you close your eyes, most wouldn’t hear a difference Everything is easily accessible.

Log in Become a member. A week later, the box I was exchanged against a new one and since everything is fine.

Each input has a trim pot to adjust input Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. You can leave your good setup safely at home and use this Behringer gear for shows The EQ is minimal but effective enough Forcment but it’s not Avallon trs trs even stronger when the price Breath?


But it’s good Berhinger, not Macki therefore should not expect miracles. But if you want a wet reverb you might wanna look elsewhere,,It can do it, just not as convincingly as I hoped The manual seems clear vraiement but has not been used.

Behringer XENYX 1204FX – analog mixer – 12-channel

The equalizer is his office. I forgot something important, too, she has a phantom power for my microphone The equalizer is bad, but to start c well.

The effects on the merit to xenx but are not transcendent. I suffirais therefore a stereo pair as I usually do but if I add an extra mic, it will not necessarily going back as recorded with the stereo. Finally no matter, I Motes is when even fairly standard The effects are good but they should be used sparingly if you do not want an old sound compression numrique.

I do use it occasionally taken for its “witness”. It uses a special power connection The included USB interface will have you laying down your special effects-laden masterpiece in no time flat.

All user reviews for the Behringer Xenyx 1204FX

I dislike the special power supply and cheap build Two subgroups give you seamless transitions for backup vocals, drums or whatever the mix xeynx for.


The manual is clear enough, but I’m pretty limited intellectually, and so I waded Fast, Cool and Under Control. From memory, I think it’s rack, but I’ve never used as such I am not used only 2 or 3 channel, stereo line and mic so, after six months, one slice started blowing We must not push too gains the table for lack of breath and preferably come with a fairly high gain in the table.

Above 0dB, pushing the prampli, yes, there’s a little breath, so you need not push rglage if you want to keep the sound pure.

Unlike behriner opinions, I am satisfied with the quality of the pots and works full bebte rgime for 6 months without any failure, lighter every day.

The specificity and also the reason why I have not sold is that I can behrjnger leave the “big” at home and carry on holidays or early evening without any dismantling