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Copyright More information. Alternating state of the LED, depending on data transmission. For testing purpose you can Version 4. Secure the new Piggyback with the appropriate screw and retainer. Programs a new logger mode firmware if available, which is delivered with XL log Config. Vector Informatik GmbH assumes no liability for correct contents or damages which are resulted from the usage of the documentation. You can double click either the green icon in column or the item in column Action.

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Afterwards the DLC is checked for value 5 and lgo the first data byte is checked for value When trigger event is On Symbolic signal, raw values can be used for a specific Version 4.

Passes the specified message logged. This depends on your setup and the CAN messages you receive. Here is an example that has been prepared for you.

Thus the SD xxl cannot be removed so easily anymore. Utilization Here you can obtain supplemental information. Skip to node Filters and canase a filter Symbolic message. Messages can be received and sent over both channels with suitable tools. February 4, Copyright Across Systems GmbH The contents of this document may not be copied or made available to third parties in More information.


This setting can be automated by Tools Options Configuration auto sensing Version 4. The easy-to-follow More information.

All technical information, drafts, etc. Representation All values which could be represented with the defined precision are displayed in decimal format. All trademarks, trade names or company names are or can be trademarks or registered trademarks of their particular proprietors.

Manual. CANcaseXL CANcaseXL log. Version English – PDF

We cannot be held More information. Further information about the available accessories can be found in the separate accessories manual on the driver CD: SofTec Microsystems is always on More information. Errrors, sync pulses are not displayed. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Address table 73 – II – Version 4.

Installation EyeOne Display More information. List view columns Red icon means message is stopped and not logged to SD card.

The trigger input is low xp, i. Trigger if sync pulse from synchronization line is received. If the SD card is full, the whole logging process will stop. If I haven’t missed something, you did never tell.


Vector XL log Config (free) download Windows version

Stops logging if it was started by a Logging on action before. This symbol calls your attention to warnings. Keep it Simple Timing Support You will see statistical data in the lower part of the window if the system has been configured properly. Blank lines may be inserted before this line.

Example Program Drafts

Vector Informatik GmbH Version. Connect both ends of the fiber with one fiber coupler to a ring and check if the program displays the status Lock.

Downloading the Firmware and Upgrade Tool 1. Visit our Website for: The base for these time stamps is a common hardware clock in the device.