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But Android is designed to work with double buffered mode and increasing no. If you know which path you’d like to head down I’ll try to add that information first. If you use qt-embedded, it has a translator built in to read png’s, etc. Yes, actually, we do see a Linux prompt and cursor on that screen. I was quite surprised to discover that my two favorite programs, Photoshop and ImageMagick, both don’t export in that format, and apparently neither does Gimp. I’ll post the LCD image up there.

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LCD/Display questions – ARM9 Based Platforms – Critical Link Support

I am concerned about the color scheme you are describing. At this point, all we really need to do is draw a bitmap to memory and have it show up on the LCD.

Say the Host CPU updates only the base register and has not had a chance to update the ceiling register when the DMA engine does the read. I hear there’s a converter in the Android development kit, so I’ll probably try to da8dx-fb that one. It’s a work in progress, but there should be enough da8cx-fb in there now to at least force a frame buffer device into existence for the kernel.

I’m still seeing wrong colors, of course.

Added by Otmar Schlunk over 8 years ago We are trying to figure out how to get video out of the board and had a couple of questions. Schlunk, The kernel included in the development kit provided should have the necessary code installed to support either the DVI interface or the LCD panel interface.


[PATCH] davinci: fb: Frame Buffer driver for TI DA8xx/OMAP-L1xx

Meanwhile, the DMA uses the current values of those registers for the next frame immediately after firing the interrupt. For some reason, I had copied the instructions for the Rev. I’ll have the Critical Link-recommended panel here tomorrow and will start working with it then. BTW, we figured out how to do the bitmaps. Two frames, B0 and B1, are needed at the start as shown in below figure.

I’ve successfully used the instructions on the LCD Wiki page to create that device, so I’m able to work with it. Linux frame buffer driver uses 2 DDR frame buffers as ping pong buffers. C board instead of the ones above. Thanks for the help.

drivers/video/da8xx-fb.c – kernel/msm – Git at Google

Yes, the instructions are involved, but they’re easy enough to follow. Would be nice to get this more automated if we can figure out why dw8xx-fb not showing up, but again that’s not a show-stopper.

That is we could be updating in host CPU keep out region. You punched in the i2c commands for the Rev C board. I can, however, point you to the relevant source code that you will need to modify to set the timings for the video portion, etc. A few oddities, but I’m now able to at least talk to the frame buffer. I’ve updated the wiki with more instructions they seem involved, but it’s not that bad once you do it the first timeprimarily with turning on the DVI controller it comes up in a power savings mode.


Software can make use of this register to set the requestor priorities for required EMIF arbitration.

fbdev: da8xx-fb: fix videomodes of lcd panels [Linux 3.10.102]

So, now the question is what did I do wrong to cause the frame buffer to be non-readable and non-writable? The screen is all blue and green. Having 3 user DDR buffers will also solve the kcd.

Definitely not a Rev C board, so it must be a B I think we have an A here as well, but this isn’t it. I’ll post the LCD image up there.

Also we note that frames are displayed with delay of one frame period, which is may not acceptable to the user. Retrieved from ” http: If you are a TI Employee da8xx-tb require Edit ability please contact x from the company directory.

We’ll need to post the configuration instructions and the respective FPGA images with code, so you can merge da8xx-gb with you custom IP. All the files show up at the bottom of the wiki. This framebuffer, as understood by the DMA engine, will be way off.