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The notes will not be listed on any securities exchange. As a result of the difference between our internal funding rate and the rate we would use when we issue conventional fixed or floating rate debt securities, the estimated initial value of the notes may be lower if it were based on the levels at which our fixed or floating rate debt securities trade in the secondary market. Our internal funding rate for the issuance of these notes is lower than the rate we would use when we issue conventional fixed or floating rate debt securities. We urge you to consult your investment, legal, tax, accounting, and other advisors before you invest in the notes. These pricing models rely in part on certain forecasts about future events, which may prove to be incorrect.

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Determining Payment on the Notes. We have not independently verified the accuracy or completeness of the information obtained from Bloomberg L.

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In such circumstances, an announcement 3550v be sent to clients with the related information. Investing in the notes is not equivalent to investing directly in the stocks included in the Index. We urge you to consult your investment, legal, tax, accounting, and other advisors before you invest in the notes. There are risks associated with emerging markets.

This option requires no OS understanding. Maintenance of and Changes to the Index.

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Investing in the notes involves a number of risks. They are based on hypothetical values and show hypothetical returns on the notes, assuming the notes are not called on any Observation Date. We obtained this historical data from Bloomberg L.

Recommended if Dxg Dxg v is the only driver on your PC you wish to update. The green line reflects the returns on the notes, while the dotted gray line reflects the returns of a direct investment in the 350 included in the Index, excluding dividends. MSCI reserves the right to use an alternative pricing source on any given day. If appropriate, MSCI may conduct a consultation with the investment community to gather feedback on the most relevant exchange rate.


These pricing models consider certain assumptions and variables, which can include volatility and interest rates. Call Amounts per Unit: The distribution of the Note Prospectus in connection with these offers or sales will be solely dxt the purpose of providing investors with the description of the terms of the notes that was made available to investors in connection with their initial offering.

The notes are not designed to be short-term trading instruments, and you should, therefore, be able and willing to hold the notes to maturity. The actual amount you receive and the resulting total rate of return will depend on the actual Starting Value, Threshold Value, Ending Value, Step Up Value, whether the notes are called on an Observation Date, and term of your investment.

You should consult your own tax advisor concerning the U. Title of Each Class of Securities Offered. The price of your notes in the secondary market, if any, immediately after the pricing date will be less than the public offering price. The Index sponsor may adjust the Index in a way that affects its level, and has no obligation to consider your interests. Regulatory and tax environments may be subject to change without review or appeal. There are important differences between the notes and a conventional debt security, including different investment risks and costs.


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This is one of the factors that may result in the market value of the notes being less than their estimated initial value. Dxg Dxg v G2. Your return on the notes may be less than the yield you could earn by owning a conventional fixed or floating rate debt security of comparable maturity.

You should understand the risks of investing in the notes and should reach an investment decision only after careful consideration, with your advisers, dcg respect to the notes in fxg of your particular financial and other circumstances and the information set forth in this term sheet and the accompanying product supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus. Dxg Dxg v File Name: Before you invest, you should read the Note Prospectus, including this term sheet, and the other documents that we have filed with the SEC, for more complete information about us and this offering.

If the Ending Value is less than the Starting Value, you will lose all or a portion, which could be significant, of the principal amount of your notes. In maintaining the Index, emphasis is also placed on continuity, continuous investibility of constituents, replicability, index stability and low turnover in the Index.

If the notes are called, your investment return is limited to the return 350 by the applicable Call Premium. Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and 350 proceed to manually install them.

The costs associated with issuing the notes will be used or retained by us or ddg of our affiliates.