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On the new window will be a Hostname field. In the Login field, enter your mysql user name. I don’t know why the ODBC. For example, if your domain name is www. This will bring up a new window. NET ” from the mysql website: I doubt im the only person who has had that frustrating issue.

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This is a value you need goaddy enter later in RazorSQL. Here is the new code I used to connect and finaly display my database online. This works on godaddy: If you want to change this, edit the PHP file searching for radmin and change it to something else. Community Websites Community Support.

I used the connection string given by godaddy. Everything is going fine.

Installing or Uninstalling DSN for MS SQL Databases

As soon as I publish my application online and visit the site, I get the security exception: Last post Jun 22, For Godaddy, this is generally the same as the database name. I copied the Microsoft.


The default password for the RazorSQL bridge is radmin. In the Port field, enter Click Connect.

GoDaddy would typically create the database name to be the same as the user name for the database. This page should also display a field named “Database Name and User Name”. This is the GoDaddy mysql osbc.

Connecting to a MySQL database remotely for GoDaddy Web Hosting Users

On the new window will be a Hostname field. The port would generally be the default port of Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Upload both php files to your Godaddy site. If direct connection is godqddy set up, you will need to use the PHP odbf. The following settings are typical values needed to connect via the bridge for GoDaddy users:.

I run the application on my localhost and everything runs great. Select the “Show Package Contents” option. The code is similar to the ODBC library code and the connection works when published online and on the local host.


For example, if your domain name is www. That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers. Make sure there odbd no extra spaces on the end.

Click on the name of the database. GoDaddy servers typically have the [servername]. I can read and write to my tables and display them in a datagrid. On Windows, these files are located under the RazorSQL installation directory in the “bridge” folder.

You will also need to enter this value in RazorSQL. In the Login field, enter your mysql user name. This can be left blank unless the port is not