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A 3D printed filler panel replaces the vRx board and is used to cover-up the vacant vRx’s holes. Thank you for your cooperation! Keep in mind that the diversity board is based on a open source project. But I’m a DiY guy. For agile drone piloting I prefer super fast diversity switching to mask multipathing events. I haven’t tried alternate firmware. My HeadPlay HD goggle hacking continues.

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Before you place your order it would be wise to ask the supplier which version they are shipping. None of the components are critical.

I will look into other options for the printing. You’ll want wire frames with large untinted glass lenses. A 3D printed enclosure contains the 5.

headplay 3d models

My diversity board included the 5V magnetic buzzer. The Main enclosure has some supports already included in the STL file. All it takes is a video buffer circuit. Posted January 7, I’m looking forward to 3dd diversity in my Headplays.

No cables or antennas are provided. I highly recommend a generous use of connectors to allow for convenient servicing. And it isn’t just the RX Pro that has this issue; The other Chinese copies of this “open source” 5.


I am running my Headplay with 2s lipos but on the RX I can see 3s-4s power input. The buffer I built fixes that too.

▷ headplay 3d models・thingiverse

Here’s some photos of the finished project. The various RX diversity boards are all based on a similar electronic design, but have different physical shapes and firmware. For example, the photo below shows how the toggle switch and buffer board combination is headppay into the DVR and Diversity board. A toggle switch bottom left side of photo is used to select live video or DVR playback video.

HeadPlay HD Goggle Optics Upgrade: Cheap Glass Lens – Video Piloting (FPV/RPV) – RC-CAM Forum

I don’t know enough about the electronics side of this to know whether it would be as simple as using the pin-outs on the other receivers to connect them to the Headplays. This mount is used on the Headplay Goggles to mount a patch style antenna. I get something that looks like Chinese characters and no response to the button.

Use a countersink drill bit to bevel the exterior screw hole openings for a flush screw head installation.

Unfortunately this simple circuit doesn’t ensure the composite video signal can heaeplay drive the monitor with industry standard video amplitudes.


The list of supported video glasses: The RX Diversity board will function without the buffer circuitry. Thank you for your cooperation!

Also you can use it in your surveillance system! Instead, the signal level amplitude is too low, which results in reduced amplitude sync signals. The only evidence of it would be five small holes from the mounting screws. Posted October 31, This photo compares the frame with the partially disassembled readers I purchased: The camera generates the stereoscopic analog video in real time using the powerful FPGA chip.

If you choose the one shown in my source links then its shape will be compatible with the 3D print STL files I have created for the project. My favorite goggles DiY 3D printed have a Diversity Demon Oracle on the ground station to handle the diversity switching.

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