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Do you know when this package will next be recompiled and hence, added to the daily build? I’m now happily running the 8. Booted into bios and enabled the jmicron controller. Some chip implementations seem to not work well with MSI. Robert Rak cynicist wrote on I bought machine with Core 2 Duo at monday and until then I have to use windows I suspect mangar is having some other issue

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I want daily build include fix.

Ok, I tried again Pascal Schwarz iso-thinktux wrote on So installing ubuntu is not possible if you have only a PATA hard jmn363. What needs to happen is that Ubuntu dev’s need to get a fix for it. Email me about changes to this bug report. The kernel was moved to -updates to fix the other bugs. The solution for me was to plug my harddisk jjb363 a high numbered sata port, in my case port 6 worked like a charm.


[ubuntu] Error 21 & Jmicron JMB SATA Controller

I am the starter of the above mentioned thread at ubuntuforums. Sorry a couple noob questions; 1.

The irqpoll arqument without “”. I’m not sure what is going on here, but it seems like ide-generic can’t pick up the PATA drives unless it is initialized before the other disk controller modules.

FreeBSD Support ? and Jmicron (jmb363) PATA/SATA controller

And now I can run Ubuntu! Some chip implementations seem to not work well with MSI.

Something weird with usb there is, because on all graphical installers I’ve tried Fedora, Mandriva etc. Is there a possibility on K ubuntu installation to give those commands during installation? My SATA dvd drive is detected fine.

Motherboard/CPU swap: no longer watch TV in Vista Home Premium – Ars Technica OpenForum

Windows run well, Puppy 3. I thought it was a full report, to which I responded. OnkelJens jensschreiber wrote on There is a difference for my errors; the device was 2 instead of 3. More information is available here: Is it isolated and unintrusive enough for SRU? Comment on this change optional. The dapper-proposed approach with ABI 50 never really took off, readjusting tags and status for standard SRU workflow.


FreeBSD Support ? and Jmicron (jmb363) PATA/SATA controller

I confirm it as well. Henri Cook henricook wrote on I confirm this problem.

There are already 3 bugs and at least 9 forum threads regarding this. I just ended up installing a VMWare environment and loading Ubuntu to that. Is there any progress Ben? Someone pctw wrote on Cannot allocate resource region 0 of device On Thu, at Antonio De Marinis demarant wrote on Michael Anckaert michael-anckaert wrote on I am glad to hear that.