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Still, 18 consecutive retirements! January 14, Karthikeyan became the poster-boy of Force India. Now share the story Too bad. However, once the team was bought out and became Force India the following season, Sakon was again out of a job. Speed had two seasons in the sport and Karthikeyan had three in two stints. However, Piquet received no punishment for his actions and simply walked away from F1s forever.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: However, Piquet received no punishment for his actions and simply walked away from F1s forever. At Silverstone and Bahrain he collided with Sauber driver Esteban Gutierrez, the latter of which causing the Mexican to roll his car spectacularly. Christijan Albers in his orange Spyker gedup.

We had the first Portuguese on the podium. Despite evidence of the year Old’s undoubted pace and financial backing from his home land, there are major questions about his competence in close wheel-to-wheel action. Inhe failed to finish three races but was involved in five racing incidents from speeding to causing collisions across the course the season.

If it was, I’d be racist as hell, because I mix people up on a regular basis. Karthikeyan’s father was a worwt racer who had won the South India Rally seven times.

Narain Karthikeyan turns 10 facts about India’s first Formula One driver – Education Today News

Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. A Sauber retired with like 3 to go. Maldonado also had an intense ongoing battle with Lewis Hamilton where in Valencia he crashed into the Brit after a close quarter dual which resulted wotst a penalty for the then Williams driver.


Well he had a shot on becoming World Champion in the WTCC this year, shame he had to miss so many races because of an injury: Woest You Like This Story? Karthikeyan was not rehired after his debut season when Jordan became the British Midland racing team.

To be fair, Sauber were partly to blame for not making it clear which drivers were driving for them and for not dealing with the situation until the first GP weekend was upon them.

Instead, I decided that I would look back from the past 10 years and choose whom I thought were the worst drivers to have driven during karthikeyxn period in F1s. I was watching that for a solid 20 seconds before I realized what language was being spoken. Narain was born in Coimbatore, a city in Tamil Nadu famous for breeding racers.

10 F1 Drivers Who Hold Unwanted Records

An old rule of F1 which holds very true is that when a driver from a certain country is very successfull, other drivers from that same country become very sought after examples include the German boom of the mids. I’m always surprised that my gf’s country, South Korea, never had a single driver in f1.

This site uses cookies. Racing for minnow team Super Aguri, Ide only started the first four races of the season before being replaced after an incident with Christian Albers at the San Marino Grand Prix. Chris Amon – Most laps in the lead without a win.


January 14, Ide owrst finally fired after crashing furiously with Christijan Albers in the fourth race of the season. Stirling Moss was one of the very best drivers of his era, winning all sorts of different races in all sorts of different cars. There have only been seven occasions in the history of F1 where every single car that started the race also finished it.

He’s a fan before a driver or the other way around, whatever.

10 F1 Drivers Who Hold Unwanted Records

Bourdais took it personally though and dragged the struggling team to court where he was paid karthikeya unannounced sum as a settlement. But I don’t care. Monteiro did score one more championship worrst late in the season in the Belgian Grand Prix albeit finishing one-lap downbut his career never really took off.

This put him under the spotlight in the world and made him the first Indian Formula One driver. However, the deal was not finalised. At the time of the fiasco of a race, Monteiro was heavily criticized for openly celebrating his first podium, while the other top-finishing racers Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello accepted their awards with light applauds and straight faces.

I just remember how excited Montero kartbikeyan to be on the podium.