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Aligning the small tabs on the feed roller with the slots of the shaft, push the feed roller com- pletely in so that the tab fits into the slot. Use a power source with the proper specifications. The printer is on a hard, flat, level surface. Page Installing Accessories Duplex double-sided printing can be performed automatically with the duplex and enough memory installed. Clearing Media Misfeeds To avoid damage, always remove misfed media gently, without tearing it. Install only a new toner cartridge in your printer.

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Any piece of media left in the printer, whether large or small, can obstruct the media path and cause oonica misfeeds. Adjust the humidity in the media stor- age area.

Kinica sure that the levers at both ends of the fuser unit are returned to the positions they were in before clearing the jam. Take off the top and bottom sheets of a ream of paper. Press the Press the password. Tray X Tray 1, 2, 3 or Load media into the 4 is empty.

Konica Minolta BizHub 40P Toner Cartridges and Printing Supplies

Keep media on a flat, level surface in its original wrapper until it is time to load it. Open the top cover. Plug another electrical appliance into the outlet and see whether it operates properly. This printer detects only half of the amount of the installed memory. If one of these messages appears, turn the printer off, then turn it on again.


Konica Minolta TN, Toner Cartridge Black, A0FP, Bizhub 40P- Original

Note Do not touch the surface of the transfer roller. In order to use this menu, the administrator This menu item appears only if an optional hard disk kit or a CompactFlash card of 1GB or more is installed.

Clearing a Media Misfeed at the Offset Tray Open the offset tray cover by pulling the tab at the top left of the cover. This button does not appear on the Advanced and Quality tabs. Turn off the printer, confirm that the power cord is correctly plugged into the outlet, and then turn on the printer. Power consumption V: Using them may lead to a printer malfunction.

Specifications – bizhub 40P | KONICA MINOLTA

Do not fan transparencies. Contact Technical Support with the Page 48 Tray jonica. The date for Asia and China is set Page When replacing a toner cartridge, refer to the following table. Remove the connector cover of the printer as shown in the fig- ure. Media matches the printer specifications.


Attach the right side cover. Load the correct media in the printer.

bizhub 40P

Output Tray With autoduplexing, the back side is printed first, and koniica the front side is printed. Hard Disk Kit If you install a hard disk kit, the followings can be performed: Konica Minolta bizhub 40p User Manual.

Getting Acquainted with Your Printer Space Requirements To ensure easy operation, consumable replacement and maintenance, adhere to the recommended space Turn off the printer and discon- nect the power cord and inter- face cables.

If the problem is not resolved, even after all of the above have been per- formed, contact Technical Support konicaa the error information.

Placing the toner cartridge on a flat surface, pull out the seal hor- izontally.