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When it gets going, it pushes the air at a brisk pace, which also makes it a bit noisy. If you must have a touchpad, this may pose a problem, but the trackpoint is quite easy to use. Fan noise was minimal though, so when its one you may not notice it. Both systems were using their respective extended batteries, which were around the 80Ah capacity. Its matte black finish gives it that distinctive look.

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Since items are packed quite densely in this ultraportable laptop, it is hard to win on all design points. The speakers inside the X61 are very weak, and I would have to suggest lenovoo headphones for watching movies. If you were typing for a couple of hours, your wrist may start feeling some discomfort from the heat.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC User Review

Next to the UltraNav buttons is the fingerprint reader. Heat output from the laptop is more than you would expect from such a small machine. Equipped with larger eight cell battery, battery life was nothing short of spectacular. The X61s came with the Hitachi GB 7k hard drive. During my testing, I was x611 using the WiFi card for internet access.

The lower portion is textured similar to the top of the tablet, a matte black that is easy to grip.

Without the ultrabase, it weighs in at just less than four pounds. The speakers on the X61 are honestly not very good, but much better than I was expecting. I always setup the red knob on my ThinkPads to scroll. The pen itself is constructed well llenovo my opinion.


Lenovo ThinkPad X61s Review

For upgrades and repairs that might come up down the road, the X61 has the user in mind with easy to remove access panels and covers. It is obviously a business laptop, but still manages to lsnovo its own unique sense of style. After the long wait for my X61 Tablet PCit finally shipped and arrived four days later. For normal use inside, my comfortable viewing level was six or seven notches down from the max of The fit and finish is astounding, with no creaks anywhere not even a small creakas well as little unused space.

These times could be slightly lower, as I delayed slightly in scanning my finger and typing in the URL, but they will do for a rough estimate. The ThinkPad X61only comes with a kouse stick, which is a turn off for some including myself. The ThinkPad X61s view large image.

My first thought when I turned on my computer and looked at the The Lenovo ThinkPad X61 is an ultraportable business laptop geared to individuals who demand the best. One thing that surprised me was the loose screen.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Review

ThinkPad x61 converting into tablet mode. The X61 is very impressive when it comes to raw power in such a small package. As I am writing this review, my screen is two feet away from my face, and I can clearly see the text I am typing.


Wacom digitizer, great battery life, thin, super high resolution screen for its sizeCore 2 Duo processor, rpm hard drive, and all the other little goodies that come with computers these days. The Bluetooth could find my phone, but had problems syncing with it.

This was small enough to not add any real bulk to my carrying case, a great pair to the X I was also surprised by how easy it was to upgrade the ram in the X61, by removing a access panel on the bottom of the laptop.

The review unit did not have this feature which is probably a good thing since I live over an hour drive from anywhere where I could reasonably ,enovo to get service. The keyboard feels sturdy and stiff.

The touchpad or lack thereof will probably come as a shock to most users seeing only the red cap of the ThinkPad Touchpoint. I am not sure if this is an issue because it is a pre-production model or if something somewhere was not tight.

The X61s is an ultraportable notebook.